Josh Ritter sez: Welcome to Ez Sez!

(Josh Ritter after a show in Montreal. Photo by Ezra S.)

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Ez Sez! My name is Josh Ritter and I’m a songwriter.  I’ve known Ez since I first came to Montreal several years ago on my first tour of Canada.  There are many ways to discover a city and a city that looms as mythic in the mind as Montreal can be daunting if undertaken in an afternoon.  I wandered around the town alone in the rain, looked at records in a shop and books in another and realized that my show would start soon and I had seen very little.

Before the show began a guy showed up backstage with a bag of bagels.  They were still hot and the whole room permeated with the smell of what turned out to be the finest baked goods I’ve ever eaten.  He told me that he wanted me to experience something that made Montreal the place it was.  He didn’t know that I was tired and alone and a bit sad not to be able to really spend more time in the city but this random act of kindness brought the whole place to me and made it one of my favorites in one bite.  Later we talked about two great Montreal writers, Leonard Cohen and Mordecai Richler and Ez pointed me in the direction of a great breakfast place in the morning.

Ez is the kind of guy that musicians like me are lucky to meet once in a great while.  They know everything that’s going on in a town and they are excited to share it with whoever is interested. 

I’m not the only who has found themselves the recipient of Ez’s generosity.  Recently, my band and I held an eBay auction to support our dear friend Kate in her battle with breast cancer. Ez donated and won a chance to hear my smoky sultry voice record a message for his answering machine.  Wise man that he is, he opted instead to ask if I would not talk, but instead write a little welcome for his blog. I couldn’t be more happy to. 

So on behalf of Kate, Ez and I, welcome web traveler!  Sit back, click away and find out what’s going on in and around the verdant expanse that is Ez Sez!

Thank you,


Josh Ritter
January 10, 2008
Moscow, Idaho

Ez sez: To read about and hear a sample from Josh's latest CD, So Runs The World Away, click here.
Ez also sez: Big thanks, Josh, for this warm welcome to all Ez Sez readers.

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