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Paul Shore - MFG Co-Founder

Paul Shore is a documentary director, news producer and social entrepreneur.

Prior to making his 2002 directorial debut for Guerrilla News Network, IBM and the Holocaust, he worked in the newsrooms of CNN and Fox News as a production assistant and an overnight writer. He then worked at MTV as a casting director, at Globalvision as a producer for PBS and CBS, and at Transform Media, where he shot and produced over 15 mini music documentaries.

Upon his return to Canada, Paul was a recipient of a Bravo TV Canada grant for his film Grafitti 101: For Ages 40 and Up.

In 2004, he received the Jeanne Sauvé Scholarship, a non-academic scholarship that brings under 30 year old media makers from around the world to Montreal to explore how the media can be used to affect positive change. With Sauvé, he worked on a sex workers doc, trained print journalists in documentary production and co-founded The Apathy Is Boring Project, a non-partisan organization that uses sarcasm, media, art and technology to engage youth in Canadian politics.

Last year Paul produced and directed a series of mini-documentaries for CBC News entitled The Shadow Reports.

Currently, he freelances as a one-man-band tv news producer and does media consulting for a variety of foundations.

Paul sits on the Board of the Atwater Library Digital Literacy Project, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and lives in Montreal.

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